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In addition, in Arizona, SunHarvest Solar and Electric will give the schools $200 if a family puts solar hot water on their roof, or $1,000 if they put up a solar array. So if only ten families put solar hot water on their roof and only ten families get solar electric installed, the school will generate $12,000 in revenue towards going green.

Children can buy bulbs for their own homes and for the relatives and neighbors. They get delivered in bulk to the school and carried home. One source you may want to tap is They have 700 products in their catalog and schools can resell all of these. Schools can requests catalogs to hand out.

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Welcome to Climate Change is Elementary™.  We believe strongly that we are on the right side of history and that households everywhere will inevitably elect to save money over the next decade or so, by shifting to renewable energy for transportation and utilities, and by conserving water and other resources.  

We are connecting vendors of energy and water saving products and services with families looking for those products.  Think of us as part of your customer acquisition strategy. You provide rebates to schools but only in exchange for actual sales that you close, not merely for referrals.

We are training Presenters who are compensated by schools for starting the program.  They will be visiting schools all over the country. The Presenter spends a day or more in the school working with teachers, students and parents to get them to fill out and commit to follow a Family Sustainability Checklist of all the things they promise to do to reduce their carbon and water footprints.  Your products and services may be on this checklist.  If they are not but should be, please contact us.

Since our Presenters are already compensated by the schools for their work, they are not dependent on you in any way.  By remaining independent they can eliminate any conflict of interest and can recommend a number of vendors in the same category, letting the free market determine where families spend their money.  You negotiate with parent organizations at the school and come up with a level of rebate that is acceptable to you and to them.  When the school sends families your way please honor that agreement and give the PTA or the Green Team their rebates as agreed for any sales that you make.  We are not in the loop; and we cannot monitor or be responsible for compliance with this matter.

if you want to be considered for inclusion in this program please tell us what geographic area you serve and which products you can provide, and give us any levels of compensation you already may be prepared to pay in exchange for closing sales with our highly motivated customers.  As an example, please see the list of Vendors we came up with in Maryland where we went to three elementary schools in Fall 2013.  Schools are just now beginning to get back in touch with vendors to take advantage of their services.

Climate Change is Elementary™​  is a non-profit project of United Charitable Programs