The Climate Change is Elementary program™ is not about the problem, it is about solutions leading inevitably to the clean and green future that our children deserve.  There were 2,259 peer-reviewed climate articles published in scientific papers from November 2012 through December 2013, from 9,136 scientists.  Only one scientist among the 9,136 rejected man's role in global warming.  What was once a scientific theory is becoming settled science on the same order as the Law of Gravity.  In the scientific and educational communities dissenters have fallen away, but the mass media has not yet caught up with the science. 

The following references should be sufficient to convince you that we have a human-caused (anthropogenic) problem. However, with your children it is best not to stress the problem, but to stress the solutions and how we are going to get to a clean and green future for our children.

Start with - Look at "Newcomers Start Here" "History of Climate Science" and "The Big Picture."

Then take a look at the Pulitzer Prize winning web site - gives you the broadest picture of the problems faced by the Planet from a very authoritative source - NASA

Another authoritative site which portrays climate science in simple terms is

For current research you can always check out

This site is from the American Chemical Society

Here is the website of the IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Articles that may be of interest about the manufactured climate controversy include:

You can take a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) under Avoid pseudo-science sites that are set up to fool you and make you think that there is no problem, that warming is not taking place, or that it is not carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are causing the problem of warming. One of them is called International Climate Science Coalition. There are also books in this genre and they are to be avoided or you will definitely get confused.

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