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In addition, in Arizona, SunHarvest Solar and Electric will give the schools $200 if a family puts solar hot water on their roof, or $1,000 if they put up a solar array. So if only ten families put solar hot water on their roof and only ten families get solar electric installed, the school will generate $12,000 in revenue towards going green.

Helping you change the way you use energy.

Children can buy bulbs for their own homes and for the relatives and neighbors. They get delivered in bulk to the school and carried home. One source you may want to tap is They have 700 products in their catalog and schools can resell all of these. Schools can requests catalogs to hand out.

Creating Comfortable, Efficient & Healthy Homes

We have made arrangements with local and national vendors, of green products and services, to provide rebates to the PTSA for purchases by families from the schools who participate in our program.

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