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YOU can make a living as a professional "Climate Change is Elementary" presenter in elementary schools in your own part of the country. 

Who would make a great presenter? Are you a teacher, a performer, an environmentalist or a scientist, a professional speaker, a Mom or a Dad who wants to leave a habitable planet to their kids, an energetic student of life, a compassionate and caring person? This might be just the right fit for you. 

If we don't do this at the household level all over the World it's not going to get done. It is not up to local or national governments or the UN, it is up to us. This is the first program to reach the entire family and start the conversations that need to take place, and it is entirely self-supporting without the need to go looking for grants.  In fact it can be a huge fund-raiser for local schools.

This is a two day training course delivered by Dave Finnigan. On the first day, Trainees will observe while Dave presents the program which consists of the following:

1. Teachers meeting before school to discuss the flow of the day and to make sure all teachers understand that the climate is changing, people are largely responsible, and there is reason to be optimistic, but that we need to get to work. We will discuss the science behind climate change and that I'll be treating the students as kinesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal, environmental learners. I also stress the fact that we are taking a positive view of the issue, letting kids see how beautiful the clean and green future will be when we do everything right, not how dismal it will be if we do everything wrong.

2. 40 minute grade level classes throughout the day held in the gym. Teachers must attend with their kids. Each grade gets a piece of the climate change puzzle by becoming puffins, frogs, trees in the rainforest, penguins or polar bears. They play games, learn songs and look at colorful slides and short video bits.

3. All-school assembly at the end of the day where students put all the pieces together, learn about the clean and green future and how we are going to get there.

4. Family night in the evening. Parents and kids work together to complete their Family Sustainability Checklists of all the things they promise to do to reduce their carbon footprints. Kids are in charge of the lists and are told "Every time your grownup does something on your list, check it off, give them a hug and say 'thanks' for the clean and green future. 

Through this program schools are connected to vendors who give the school substantial rebates for actions by families. For instance in Montgomery County Maryland, where we delivered  programs in Fall 2013, if a family puts solar panels on their roof, which can be done with no down payment, one of our vendors will give the PTA between $750 and $1,000 as a "thank you." A typical school could make tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years in exchange for these actions, meanwhile saving families hundreds of thousands if they take the program to heart.

Day two is spent in a separate space reviewing the program, learning how to deliver it, how to book it, and how to get paid. Schools happily make a contribution to our not for profit foundation for the program because the information is important for children to learn, because we bring so many families back to school in the evening, and because we help create a link with vendors that gives rebates to the PTA for actions by families.

After you have been though the training course you are an apprentice and are authorized to give free programs in one or more schools. Once you can provide letters from principals, teachers and parents telling us what a great job you are doing, you can get certified to become an official Presenter.  Once you are a Presenter we will list your information on our web site and help you to promote your program, and to get paid for your work.

The cost for this training is $195.  Special discounts are available in some cases.  Please inquire if you are interested.

Together with the children and families of the World we can stop the burning of fossil fuels, help everyone shift to renewable energy, slow the melting of the ice sheets of Greenland and the Antarctic, and slow and reverse the acidification of the oceans of the World.

  • Please help Climate Change is Elementary (CCIE) to compile a list of "green schools" and/or progressive communities in your state might be presented.  CCIE will be preceding the marchers by a few weeks to help you to generate local interest among families or young children.
  • Please help find people who would be interested in getting trained to deliver CCIE programs in your state and working as professional presenters in schools.  They can get trained at CCIE school presentations which get scheduled in your state.
  • CCIE connects schools to local vendors of solar, wind, energy audits, and other environmental products and services.   Basically our school PTAs provide customer acquisition for these local green businesses and the businesses give rebates to the PTAs in return.   If you know of a "bundler" of those services in your state, please let us know.  Here is an example from Maryland of such a service
  • If you have direct personal contact with schools please have the PTA representative or the principal fill out the contact form at and the CCIE Director of Scheduling will follow up to put the school on the calendar.
  • CCIE hopes you can hold at least one public event in the state where they would invite school children and parents to "Meet the Marchers."  Please help CCIE to schedule and plan such an event.
  • The Great March for Climate Action

    A mobile community marching from LA - DC  March 1, 201- November 1, 2014