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Green Team

1.  Set up a Vendor Night as soon as possible in order to help families complete items on their Family Sustainability Checklists;
2.  Evaluate potential local vendors to make certain their offers are reasonable and that they will fulfill as promised;
3.  Start a "Green Team Newsletter" that goes home electronically and tells families about your program - events, offers, awards, savings and rebates;
4.  Help more families in your school fill out their Family Sustainability Checklists so they can participate in the savings and can help get rebates for the school;
5.  As funds come in from rebates, help the PTA or administration decide how to use the money to help the school "go green" too;
6.  Help teachers and students share the slides that were left behind on the day of the program, so the idea of heading toward a clean and green future is kept alive at the school;
7.  Work with your district and state to obtain and retain "Green School" designation for your school;
8.  Celebrate with your entire student body and faculty as you reach significant milestones in your program;
9.  Give awards to outstanding families or children for their work on behalf of the Clean and Green future;
10.  Communicate with other schools in your district or state to help them to make this transition to renewable energy and a clean and green future.

The Great March for Climate Action

A mobile community marching from LA - DC  March 1, 201- November 1, 2014