In the grade level classes and the all-school assembly that ends the day we touch on geographic knowledge, scientific understanding, appreciating various natural habitats and the balance of nature in each, understanding and appreciating the overall web of life, conserving resources, exploring current and future technologies, setting goals for your family and household, meshing family plans with the larger community goals, and showing how individual family actions can directly affect planetary problems.  

Our day ends with Family Night where we get children and parents working together on solutions in a fun-filled hour of cooperative learning.  Throughout the day children practice Sing for the Climate, and in the evening they perform and parents get to learn the song too.  Throughout the day children learn to juggle three slow-moving nylon scarves and we use scarf juggling  as the "bait" to bring families back to school in the evening.  We draw parallels between human health, exemplified by juggling, and planetary health. Both require attention to positive outcomes - good food to eat, clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and open space in which to play.  If you do not yet have a "Green Team" in your school we will get one organized for you that same evening, and we will assign them the task of connecting your families to local vendors and keeping the program going.

This program can be modified for youth groups and churches where parents and children wish to work together toward the clean and green future.  It is effective in K-5 or K-8 schools or variations of these.  As long as we can bring parents in for the evening activities we can provide a superlative learning experience and a program that will continue in the school for years to come, administered by the PTA or Green Team.  We leave all of our teaching materials behind so that schools can continue or revive the program without a subsequent visit.  

In the works, is an online system for continuation with closed classroom-level social networks where students can post their wins and let classmates see how they are doing.  Maybe your students want to create a Scratch game that will help reinforce the learning.

Climate Change is Elementary™  is a 501C3 non-profit project of United Charitable Programs.

Climate Change is Elementary™ and Juggling for Success™ are projects of Congressional District Programs, a non profit 501c3 foundation.

We start with a teachers meeting which is usually held in the morning of the program but can often be held the previous afternoon after school.  We tell teachers about the flow of the day and our attention to all the multiple intelligences in our teaching.  We work in your largest space separately with each grade in back-to-back 35 to 40 minute classes throughout the day, using fun and lively music, physically active games, colorful slides, short entertaining film strips, and guided discussion designed specifically for each age and grade level.  We gear our presentations to the common core curriculum and your state standards, with what we call STREAM, which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Environmental Science, Reading and Writing, Arts and Math.  We take a positive approach and emphasize solutions and the steps students and families can take to help us all get to the inevitable clean and green future.  

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The Climate Change is Elementary™ program usually takes one school day, and ends with a one-hour Family Night.  It does not add any additional burden to teachers, since parents and students run the follow-up program.  It gets everyone moving toward solutions; and it can become an enormous fund-raiser for schools.  Check the FAQs for additional details.​​

Our goals are: 

1. During the day, to help elementary and K-8 teachers by introducing the topic of climate change in a non-controversial manner, using science as our guide; 

2. At Family Night, to have children and parents work together on their Family Sustainability Checklists of all the things they promise to do to save money on utilities and transportation;  

3. After we leave your school, to tie the activities that families promise to undertake to local vendors of money saving products and services who agree to provide substantial rebates to schools in exchange for actions by families.  A sample from ourvendors in  Maryland is included here. 

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