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The Great March for Climate Action

A mobile community marching from LA - DC  March 1, 2014- November 1, 2014

Dave Finnigan, Founding Director has been accepted by The Great March for Climate action to go out about two weeks in front of the 200 volunteers marching from Long Beach, CA to Washington, DC from March 1 through November 1.

He will visit elementary schools along the way with our program. His self-appointed volunteer task is to prepare communities for the marchers and help generate a groundswell of support for them as they march through CA, AZ, NM, CO, KS, NE, IA, IL, IN, OH, PA and MD.  Dave's personal goal is to train 100 presenters in 2014 and to have 100 Presenters or teams out on the road delivering programs by 2016.

Dave Finnigan

Founding Director

Our Mission:

Saving money for families, saving the Planet for children.

Climate Change is Elementary™ is a program that empowers Students, Parents, and Teachers to create a clean and green future together.​